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    Software Localization
If you're ready to introduce your software to global markets, you'll need a combination of technical and linguistic professionals who can understand your products and offer a cost-effective globalization solution.

Translation and localization of software involves a variety of specialists, such as programmers, translators, localization engineers, quality assurance (QA) specialists and project managers. Software localization therefore does not only involve a smooth procedure for each task but also the coordination of a localized team which may include employees as well as freelance specialists.

Bowwin Translation's team with rich experience in both IT and language are right here to help you.

We can localize your software into:

Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) Czech Danish Dutch
English Filipino French German
Greek Hindi Hungarian Indonesian
Italian Japanese Korean Russian

    Industry Experience
We provide software localization services including:
* Internationalization/Double-byte enabling.
* Localization of all source code resource files.
* User interface localization (look and feel, layout, colors, etc.).
* On-line help localization including screen-shot generation.
* Testing and ensuring accuracy of on-line help links.
* Testing the final localized product.

In the process of software localization, we will
* Extract the user interface elements
* Rebuild the original interface
* Build a pseudo-translated application
* Translate the user interface
* Resize the dialogs and other UI elements
* Build and test the localized application
* Deliver the localized application

Our professional translation service takes many forms and we work in different formats, so if you need document translation, software localization, website localization or anything else translated promptly and well, ask for a free quote here or contact us today on:
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