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    Quality Overview
Until recently, there has basically been only quality translation, meaning the best a translator could reasonably offer. Translation work has strived at perfection and nothing less. Nowadays, however, demand has arisen for variation in both directions. Levels of translation quality can be described at least in the following terms:
* Raw translation
* Normal quality translation
* Extra-quality translation
* Adaptation of original text

Raw translation means a translation which conveys the central meaning of the original text. Typically, this could be translations of large amounts of scientific abstracts.

Normal quality translation corresponds roughly to the translations of old. The original text is translated fully and the translated text is grammatically correct and reasonably fluent. Typically, this could be a translation of a technical manual.

Extra-quality translation implies that the translated text is both fluent and idiomatic. The translation should be assimilated completely to the cultural context of the target language. One should not be able to recognize the translated text as a translation. Typically, this could be an advertisement brochure or a piece of literature.

Adaptation of original text is not actually the direct translation of text but the production of new text based on foreign language original(s). The resultant text need not have to correspond sentence by sentence to the originals, but may instead even have omissions or reorderings according to what the translator deems appropriate. The resultant text is expected to be fluent language.

Bowwin is providing all the 4 levels of translation / localization services while focusing on three key factors:
* Process
* People
* Technology

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