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    Interpretation Service
Bowwin Translation provides highly experienced interpreters in the use of  many languages, offering expertise in a wide range of technical, legal and commercial fields.

Our interpreters are:
* Professional linguists
* Fluent in two or more languages
* Experienced and reliable
* Pleasant to work with!

Our team comprises:
* Ad hoc or "whisper" interpreters for small meetings, discussion groups and visits to and/or from foreign customers
* Consecutive interpreters capable of noting down the contents of a speech or a lecture and then presenting it to an audience in another language
* Simultaneous interpreters for conferences

Each project is addressed individually:
* Full pre-event consultation ensures a language service tailor-made to your business requirements
* Bowwin translation can arrange for the translation of documents for conferences and meetings in advance
* Experienced interpreters carry out thorough research to ensure a sound subject knowledge
* Flexible linguistic expertise is available on-site for as long as you require (+)
(+) Minimum assignment  = half a day

Our interpretation services are mostly in:

Arabic Chinese English French
German Indonesian Italian Japanese


Spanish Portuguese

Our professional translation service takes many forms and we work in different formats, so if you need document translation, software localization, website localization or anything else translated promptly and well, ask for a free quote here or contact us today on
(Hongkong) +852 36103279   81720023 Email: market1@bowwin.com
(Shenzhen HQ.)  86-755- 8304 2508   Email: market@bowwin.com

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